David here in Psalms 27 lays out his salvation.  He just reflects on the Lord and his providence for him.  He rejoices in the Lord and his beauty.  David here has this desire to just see the face of the Lord and worship him forever.  He understands how great our God is and how rewarding of an experience it will be to just look upon his face.  He wants the opportunity to worship freely without the barriers that our sin and this world present.  He rests in the Lord’s steadfastnesses.  What a blessing it is for us to get to see how in tune to God’s grace that David was.  I pray that the Lord would give us Davids heart.  I pray that we would desire to see his face.  I pray that we would rest in and hope in the goodness of our God.  We could rejoice knowing that as believers one day we will have the opportunity to spend all day every day worshiping without our sinfulness in the way.  Thank you Lord for this picture of heaven and this picture of a heart that you have given a desire for you.  Lord change my heart to want nothing else but you!


– Josh

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