In verses 6-7, we read about how there will be a great cry among the Egyptians but that not even a dog will growl against the Israelites. It says, “the LORD makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel.”

This phrase jumped off the page and makes me think. “What are the distinctions He gives His people today? And “How are these distinctions made?” Of course there are many answers: Our salvation sets us apart. Jesus, sets us apart. The hope we have in the world to come and for Jesus’ return is distinct among us. But the answer that resounds within me this morning is the Holy Spirit. His presence and influence changes everything for us and empowers us in ways that not even Israel knew. The Holy Spirit guides our every decision and leads us to live differently. Unfortunately, I have to point out that when the world looks at Christians, they don’t see very many distinctions, and the ones they most quickly recognize are not very attractive to them. We haven’t allowed the Holy Spirit to guide us and have taken over the reins ourselves. I have failed to let the Spirit do all His work in me. I should be set apart and more “distinct” than I am.

The message that God sent to Egypt by making Israel distinct and protecting them from the plagues is important. He demonstrated to Egypt that they were His people. Israel’s credibility was contingent upon this distinction.

What do my actions and choices say about God? Am I distinct? Am I distinct in ways that truly honor Him and represent who He is? In what ways have I failed to allow the Holy Spirit to mold me and make me distinct? Have these failures given me less credibility as His witness? What can I do today to have more success? What can I allow Him to do within me today?

Prayer: Lord, change my heart and set me apart. Holy Spirit do your work in me. I truly want to be “distinct,” but I’m also afraid of it. Give me courage to be different and help me to make decisions that would make You known – to help others see that You are the one who is truly distinct. There is no one like You God. AMEN.   

Steve Corn

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