In Exodus 7 the Lord told Moses and Aaron to go before Pharaoh and tell him to, “Let My people go.”  He told them to perform the signs He had given them before Pharaoh.  Aaron first threw his staff on the ground and it became a snake.  Pharaoh’s sorcerers did the same, however Aaron’s staff swallowed them all up.  Pharaoh would not let the people go. Then the Lord had Aaron stretch out the staff over the waters in Egypt and turn them to blood.  Pharaoh’s sorcerers did the same.  Pharaoh would not let the people go.  Before the Lord sent Moses and Aaron He had told them that He was going to harden Pharaoh’s heart and Pharaoh would not listen to them.  He would then multiply His signs and wonders.  He did this so that the Egyptians would know that He was the Lord.  His purpose was to show His glory, so that when Pharaoh did let the people go, HE alone would get the glory.  Sometimes things do not look like they are going God’s way, but He is always working all things after the counsel of His will.  Lord, help me trust You even when I do not understand what You are doing.

– Bryan McKenzie

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