In Genesis 48 Joseph brings his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, before his father.  His father passes on the Abrahamic covenant to them.  When he goes to bless them he puts his right hand on Ephraim, the younger, and his left hand on Manasseh, the older.  He blesses them and then Joseph tries to correct him about putting his hands on the wrong sons.  Jacob/Israel says he knows what he has done and that the younger, Ephraim, will be greater than the older. However, Manasseh will also be blessed and come great.  This of course went against tradition, but it was in keeping with God’s way of doing things where he also put Isaac over Ishmael and Jacob over Esau.  God is not bound by human traditions and wisdom, but always does what is best to fulfill his plan.  His plan is always better than the best plan mankind can imagine.  Thank You Lord that You are not bound by human wisdom or tradition, but You know all things and all that You do is in keeping with Your Holy Character and Your gracious plan of redemption.  Help me to always seek Your will in all things.

– Bryan McKenzie

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