In Genesis 42  Jacob sends 10 of his sons to Egypt to buy grain, because of the great famine.  When they get to Egypt they unknowingly stand and then bow before Joseph.  Joseph recognizes them and accuses them of being spies.  He ends up taking Simeon captive and demands that they bring their youngest brother, Benjamin, back to Egypt with them. They go home and tell their father what had happened.  It would have been convenient to tell another lie concerning Simeon, instead they tell the truth. This is evidence that the conviction that God brought in their lives (v.21) had led to changed hearts.  It seems that there is fruit of conversion showing up in their lives.  Even Reuben’s outlandish offer to give up his two sons points to his sincerity to do the right thing and go back for Simeon.  When the LORD changes someone from the inside, it leads to change on the outside.  LORD, thank YOU for giving me a new heart and for bring change in my life from the inside out.

– Bryan McKenzie

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