Genesis 38 records the sinful and deceitful acts by Judah and Tamar, leading to Judah having intercourse with his daughter in law – Tamar and ending with Tamar giving birth to Perez. Perez is in the lineage of Jesus, the promised redeemer. I believe there are at least 2 reasons God places this account where HE does. First, In the context of Genesis it comes right before Joseph’s temptation by Potiphar’s wife and is therefore meant to serve as a contrast between Joseph and Judah and how they handle temptation in a pagan world. Second, It shows that Rebellion Against God’s Plan, though treacherous for those who rebel, cannot and will not prevent God’s Eternal and Sovereign Plan from coming to pass. Lord, thank You that You are committed to bringing about Your plan of redemption in this world and that nothing can stop Your plan.  Thank You for redeeming me through Jesus.

– Bryan McKenzie

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