We see some of the decedents of Abraham laid out in this chapter to begin.  Abraham passes away at 175 years old.   As the narrative continues Rebekah, who Isaac took as a wife, is barren and yet again after Isaac cried out the Lord provided and blessed them.  Rebekah got pregnant with twin boys.  These boys would be Jacob and Esau.  They struggled and fought inside of here.  We then see more of the fighting even after they are born for Esau’s birthright.  Jacob gets Esau’s birthright by making him swear it over during a time where he was so hungry he couldn’t wait.

We continue to see the Lord provide for the decedents of Abraham.  There is conflict here in the offspring but we can rejoice in the fact that even during times of conflict and evil doings that the Lord’s plans will not be thwarted.


– Joshua Dawes

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