In Genesis 16 Sarai, Abram’s wife, decides to give Abram her slave, Hagar.  She does this, because she has not been able to bare children herself.  Abram has relations with Hagar and she conceives a child.  Sarai is jealous and runs her off.  The Angel of the Lord reaches out to Hagar and promises her that she will have a son and his name will be Ishmael.  The thing that sticks out to me this morning is the phrase at the end of verse 2 – “And Abram listened to the voice of Sarai.”  In so doing, Abram did not listen to the voice of the Lord who promised him a son from his body in his time.  Trying to do things according to man’s wisdom will always fail.  The consequences of this sin still continue today as the descendants of Ishmael war against the descendants of Isaac (the son of promise).  Lord, help me trust You and Your plan and not try to take matters into my own hands.

– Bryan McKenzie

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