In Genesis 7 The LORD told Noah and his family and the animals to get in the ark.  Noah and his family obeyed the LORD and got in the ark.  The waters came from both beneath the earth and the skies opened up and poured forth rain for 40 days and nights and flooded the whole earth.  Every living thing that was not on the ark was destroyed just as the Lord promised.  Everyone and thing on the ark was saved from the destruction of the flood.  At the end of verse 16, when Noah, his family and animals entered the ark, it says, “the Lord closed it behind them.”  The LORD assured that his means of salvation from the flood was absolutely secure.  He assured that those who by faith embrace HIS means of salvation were absolutely secure.  In a greater way, the LORD assures that those who by faith trust in HIS means of salvation from sin (JESUS) are absolutely secure.  Those who trust in Jesus alone to save them from the penalty of sin, are absolutely secure and will never experience the LORD’s just wrath against sin.  LORD, thank you for securing me in Jesus.  May I live as one who is secure in Jesus.    

– Bryan McKenzie

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