Paul encourages the church in Ephesus to be unified in all that they do.  He reminds them of their faith in Christ and all that he has promised and granted.  He goes back and talks about what God has asked of them.  Paul exhorts the believers to strive to make themselves more like Christ.  He then transitions into a discussion on new life in Christ.  Christ is more than worthy of this total life change.  Those who do not have faith in Christ will not be able to make a complete life change.  They will not be capable of a “new life”.  Their hearts are not ready for that. They must have the Holy Spirit, because he makes life change possible.  Paul discusses the aspects of an individual’s life that needs to change, which will stand out due to the many differences compared to a person who does not have Christ.

Paul gives us very specific guidelines and lays out what a believer in Christ should live like.  Many times we get worried or go through tough times, but we have a God that knew our need for guidance before we knew.  He was gracious enough to give us his word, so that we can be guided through the written word.  We need to learn to trust God by reading the scripture during our concerns.  As followers of Christ, we need to trust in the word of God for all we face.


-Joshua Dawes

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