Chapter 9 begins with Paul encouraging the believers in Corinth.  He tells them he will send brothers out to them.  Then Paul discusses with them how to receive the brothers.  The church in Corinth is supposed to cheerfully give as the brothers come.  Paul encourages them by telling that blessings will come through their giving.  Their giving will help build up the saints and glorify God.  This serves as the encouragement for their actions.  Paul ultimately gives the glory to God for his work in their hearts, “because of the surpassing grace of God upon you. Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!”  Paul never forgets to give God the praise and honor even for the giving of those believers.  Paul attributes the good works in their life by the work of God in their hearts.

Then in chapter 10, Paul has to defend some of the things he says and does.  Paul has to explain the difference between his discussion in person and the letters he writes.  He talks about why he is able to call out sin, why he can lead the people the way he does.  He claims this only through the power of God.  He says he only has the authority because God has given him the authority.  Paul talks about how he would rather address issues in letters, so that while he is there in person he can simply encourage and enjoy the fellowship.  He encourages the church to take on the call that Paul writes in a humble way.

We are thankful for the Lord’s provision in the church historically.  We are thankful for his work in the lives of the believers at this time.  We are thankful for God’s work in Paul’s life and how we can learn and be encouraged by the scriptures that were written through that.  We praise the Lord for his work in our Church and his work in our lives!

-Josh Dawes

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