For many years, I have always thought of this chapter as my “go to” chapter on tongues, however this morning something else jumps out at me. When I consider the bigger picture of the passage, I noticed today that ultimately, it’s really all about the Gospel. All his commentary on tongues has more to do with the message of Jesus being understood and proclaimed so that others will know Him. Paul places a higher value on prophesy than tongues cause it “builds up the church” and “speaks to people for their up building and encouragement and consolation.” He even goes on to say that tongues themselves are a “sign for unbelievers” so that they might come to know Christ. The section on orderly worship also has to do with communicating a clear message so that people will know Him. The Gospel should be our utmost priority and that means we should be concerned with the details of how it is communicated in our lives.  

Reflection Questions:

In what ways do I communicate the Gospel? 

Are there things I do or say that might hinder someone in understanding?

Do I speak “Christianese” or some other tongue that confuses instead of communicates? 

Do my actions communicate or confuse the Gospel?

Do I send a double message when you combine my actions with my words?

Steve Corn

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