In Acts 7 Stephen stood before those who were saying he speaks against the Law and showed them from the Law and the prophets that what he was teaching was from God.   He recounted the history of God’s plan to redeem people from their sin, by going to the Word of God. It showed them how they had rejected God’s promised Messiah and therefore rejected God’s Word.  They were not happy with this and stoned him to death.  Stephen’s trust in the sufficiency of God’s Word to preach the Gospel is an example for all followers of Jesus.  He took them to the Word of God and trusted that God the Holy Spirit would do His work in their hearts.  He was faithful with what He could control, presenting the Gospel through the Word of God – and he did not worry about what he could not control, the hearts of the men who hated him.  Lord, help me to trust in the sufficiency of Your Word and to trust in You to change hearts.

– Bryan McKenzie

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