In Luke 23, Jesus is falsely accused, appears before Pilate & Herod, Pilate seeks to release Him, the people beg for Barabbas’ life over Jesus’, Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus’ cross, Jesus is crucified, one criminal believes and the other does not, a Centurion believes, the people walk away sad not understanding what just happened on the cross, and Joseph of Arimathea buries Jesus in the tomb. What stuck out to me this  morning was that although Simon of Cyrene was able to carry Jesus’ physical cross, he was not able to carry what Jesus had laid on Him while dying on the cross.  Jesus had the penalty of the sin of the world laid on Him and paid the penalty of God’s just wrath – so that those who trust in His payment would be forgiven and be made right with God.  Simon, nor any other human could not carry that weight and pay for the sin of the world.  Therefore, it is urgent to call all mankind to repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Lord, may I be about Your Mission for the Church and call all mankind to repent and believe.

– Bryan McKenzie

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