In Luke 16, Jesus tells the story of the shrewd manager, warns about the love of wealth, teaches on divorce, and tells the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. In the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the Rich Man asks for Lazarus to be sent back from the dead to warn his brothers to turn from their sin so they do not end up where he is.  The response to his request is that they have “Moses and the Prophets” and if they do not listen to them, they will not listen to someone who rises from the dead.  The reference to “Moses and the Prophets” is referring to God’s Word.  The message here is – God’s Word is sufficient to call people to repentance and to bring about change in their hearts.  Lord, remind me daily that Your Word is sufficient and to faithfully and lovingly present it to others and trust You with the results.

– Bryan McKenzie

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  1. Margaret Giles
    Margaret Giles says:

    Thanks so much for everything you and Grace Bible family have been to me it is good to follow the bible study while I’m a way. I really need this encouraging word to day. I needed you to know I really appreciate your ministries. It makes a difference in my life


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