In Luke 2, Jesus is born, angels appear to the shepherds, the shepherds tell others about Jesus, Jesus is presented in the Temple, Simeon receives Him and prophecies concerning His ministry, Anna tells others about Jesus, they return to Nazareth, and then on a trip to Jerusalem Jesus is separated from His parents only to be found in the Temple teaching.  I am always impressed by Simeon’s active anticipation of the coming of the Messiah.  The Lord had promised Simeon that he would not see death “before he had seen the Lord’s Christ.” When Joseph and Mary brought Jesus for His presentation at the Temple, Simeon was there and had been “looking for the consolation of Israel,” because that Lord had promised he would see Him.  The wording here suggests that this was Simeon’s ongoing attitude and action – he was constantly “looking.”  He knew the Lord would come through on His promise, so he lived his life based on the coming of the Messiah, Jesus.  The Lord has promised that Jesus will come again.  All followers of Jesus would do well and live our lives “looking” for His return.  Living in light of that fact will be evident in the things I say and do.  Martin Luther once said, we are to “live every day for that day.”  O Lord, by Your grace, may I live my life in light of the fact that Jesus is coming again.

– Bryan McKenzie

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