Matthew 20 begins with the parable of the Generous Landowner who hired multiple people throughout the day to work in his vineyard.  Each worker was promised a denarius for their work, regardless of when they were hired during the day.  When it came time to pay them, the workers who worked 1 hour were paid first and received a denarius as promised.  The workers who were hired at the beginning of the day thought they would receive more, but only received a denarius as promised.  They complained to the landowner that this was not fair.  The Landowner let them know that it was his right to be generous to all. The main point of the parable is about entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. The Father is the Landowner, Jesus is the foreman, the laborers are believers and the denarius is eternal life.  The point is that the Father is Gracious to all who come to him through Jesus and all are given eternal life, regardless whether the person comes to Jesus as a child or on their deathbed.  Jesus also reminds the disciples that he will suffer and die and be raised on the third day.  Jesus then loving rebukes them for seeking prominent positions, and tells them that the way to greatness is through service.  He says, that HE did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many.  Therefore, those who have been ransomed by his service should be characterized by serving others.  Lord, thank you for you gracious gift of salvation for all who trust in Jesus.  By Your grace, may I (one who has been served) serve others so that you are glorified?

– Bryan McKenzie

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