In Matthew 13 Jesus begins to teach in parables. The 2 major parables He uses emphasize the same main message.  The first parable is the parable of the soils.  Seed is sown on different types of soils and yet fruit is only realized in the good soil. Jesus explains that the seed that is sown is the word of God and the different soils represent the hearts of people.  They all hear the word, but only the good soil/the one who hears and understand produces fruit.  The second major parable He uses is the parable of the tares among wheat.  A man sowed good seed in his field and while he was sleeping an enemy sowed tares among his wheat.  Jesus explained that the good seed/sons of the Kingdom is sown by him. The devil sows the tares/sons of the evil one.  There will be a day when Jesus will send forth his angels and gather the sons of the devil and throw them in that place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Then the sons of the Kingdom will be left and shine brightly.  They key to understanding these 2 parables is found in verses 10-17 where Jesus explains why he uses parables.  He uses parables so that people in their own wisdom and strength cannot understand the truth.  In fact the disciples did not understand these parables until Jesus gave them the explanation.  Therefore, the main message is: it is only those who are rightly related to Jesus that will understand the truth and believe.  Some may appear to understand (others soils) and even live among the sons of the kingdom (tares), but ultimately it will be brought to light those who are truly sons of the Kingdom/those rightly related to Jesus by faith.  Lord, help me be faithful to sow Your seed/Word among all people and trust you to open their hearts to understand and believe. Thank you for opening up my heart to understand and believe.

– Bryan McKenzie

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