God is good. He is really good. Good to us in countless ways. The psalmist, touches on some of those things here, but I’m struck this morning by the idea that our focus is not on creation itself, but on the Creator. The psalmist is not praising the things he sees in creation, but God Himself. How often do we fall into the same habit? When we notice something beautiful in creation, He should get the glory. The object of our awe is Him. When I find myself in wonder, whether I realize it or not, I’m seeking more of Him. The psalmist takes time to notice God’s handiwork and is awestruck by Him.

I can’t help but turn this attitude onto myself. Do I take time to notice God’s work and give Him glory? I mean, in this psalm, we see countless blessings that I must admit I take for granted most of the time. The birds sing. Rivers provide resources. Plants grow so that we can eat. We are sustained by God in every possible way and yet I find myself striving for that which I don’t have. I work to get more shiny junk – things which look good but are ultimately worthless. All the while, God is at work providing and sustaining and demonstrating His character with His creative hand.

Prayer: LORD, change my selfish heart. Make me grateful. Draw my attention from the “shiny junk” and to You instead. Let me see Your blessings and recognize Your glory. Let me praise You with my life and lips. For You are good. You are worthy. You are provider, and healer, and Savior. You are God!  

Steve Corn

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