My family likes to go camping. We enjoy it for several reasons, but among them is simply just getting out in nature and experiencing God’s handiwork. We spent Thanksgiving break in Guadalupe River State Park. We hiked, geocached, and skipped rocks across the river. I’m always amazed by the majesty of God when I stand out under the open sky to look at the stars or when I hike out to the edge of a cliff to see the beauty below. Like the psalmist, I find myself asking, “What is man that you are mindful of him?” One can’t help but look at this kind of grandeur and beauty and turn to give God praise. His glory is evident. This is another reason I enjoy taking the family camping. I hope to instill a habit in my children of recognizing God in His creation. They “declare to glory of God” (Ps 19:1) and God has spoken to me in these kinds of moments. God has declared Himself to me in these settings. Sometimes I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to gain perspective and hear from God. Now, of course He can speak anywhere and everywhere in ALL of creation, but for whatever reason I’m drawn to these places. Maybe it’s like Hosea 2:14 where God “allures” Israel into the wilderness so He can “speak tenderly to her.”

I would encourage all of you my friends to find a way to recognize and observe His creation. It could be a big trip to the Grand Canyon or simply taking time to really look and reflect on what God has done with the flowers in your neighbor’s yard. If He takes the time to do those things, remember how much more He cares for you as His child. Praise Him for His handiwork.

“The wonder of creation speaks to everyone in different ways; but those who know and love the Lord can for His handiwork give praise.” – David Sper

Steve Corn

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