In Esther 2, King Ahasuerus, at the advice of his attendants, sent out people to gather all the young beautiful virgins together.  It would be from this group of girls that he would choose the next Queen.  In Susa, the main city, lived a Jew named Mordecai who was bringing up his young cousin, Esther, as his own daughter.  She was chosen to be part of the harem from which the King would choose the next Queen.  Mordecai instructed her not tell anyone that she was a Jew.  King Ahasuerus chose Esther to be the next Queen.  Near the same time, Mordecai heard of a plot to kill the King and he reported it, which saved the King.  All these things the LORD was using to eventually preserve His people, the Jews, from whose line the Messiah would come and bring Salvation from sin.  The every day events of life that often do not make sense, are being used to bring about the LORD’s plan of redemption.  LORD, help me see every event in life as meaningful to Your purposes and plans to redeem people from all over the world.  Thank You for always being at work to bring about Your gracious plan.

– Bryan McKenzie

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