In Nehemiah 8, Ezra the scribe was asked to bring out the book of the Law of Moses and read before people.  The people stood in reverence as he read the Word. Upon hearing the Word of God read the people worshipped the Lord. The Levites read from the Word of God and then translated it to give the meaning so the people would understand.  Then the people obeyed the the Word of God that said they should celebrate the Feasts of Booths, which had not been done since the days of Joshua. The Word of God is read, it is explained and the people obey.  This is the pattern in the Bible that brings about change in the lives of people.  This is the wain which the Lord makes His people more like Jesus.  Lord, help me be diligently to read, study, teach and obey Your would so that You will be glorified in and through me.

– Bryan McKenzie

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