Abide Together: Reflections on Obadiah

As I read this smallest book in the Old Testament, I’m reminded of God’s covenant faithfulness to His people. Israel had been unfaithful to YAHWEH and pursued other gods so YAHWEH was disciplining them through conquest and exile. Upon the writing of this book, the armies of Babylon had just destroyed Jerusalem and the Edomites were helping to round up fleeing Jews and bring them into Babylonian captivity. This whole book is God speaking through Obadiah to Edom about the judgment awaiting them for their actions toward their relatives. (Edom descended from Esau, brother of Jacob, father of Israel) In God’s judgement of Israel for their actions, He still is keeping His covenant with them and promising to judge nations that mistreat His people. It’s a great reminder to me that when I sin against God it doesn’t nullify the promise that He has made to sanctify me and make me like Christ. Those of us who are in Christ may experience God’s discipline at times, but He is faithful and will finish the work that He began.

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