Joel 2 begins with the description of Jesus’ return. When he came the first time, he came as a baby lying in a manger. His coming was meek and mild. There were no blasts of trumpets or raging armies. However, when he comes again, he will come as King of kings and Lord of lords and his armies will destroy all that does not bow to his name. The armies are made up of the saints from all ages.

What’s beautiful about this chapter is that he doesn’t just describe desolation and destruction as judgment with no hope. But in the middle of this terrifying description of the last day, he offers mercy and hope. Joel breaks from the scene of war and destruction and tells the people how they can escape this horrific judgment. He tells of a God whose desire is not to destroy people, but to call them to repent and return to him in humility.

This chapter shows us the terrible consequences of sin while offering us the peace and hope of faith in Christ. Let us live today in light of our coming King.

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