In 1 King 17 Elijah tells Ahab that the Lord will send a drought.  The Lord does so and then the Lord sends Elijah to Zarephath. He tells Elijah that a widow will be there to care for him during the drought.  Elijah goes and the Lord does 2 amazing miracles through him.  First the Lord causes the widow’s flour and oil to not run out through the drought. Also, the Lord through Elijah raises her son from the dead.  The thing that stands out to me this morning is that the Lord said in verse 9, “I have commanded a widow there to provide for you.”  And yet when Elijah arrives it is the Lord that provides for all of them through miraculously causing the flour and oil not to run out during the drought.  This is a great reminder that although the Lord can use different people to accomplish His purposes, HE is the one who ultimately provides. Thank You, Lord for providing for me all I need for life and godliness.

– Bryan McKenzie

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