In Exodus 32 while Moses is on the mountain receiving the Law, the people grow impatient and begin to complain and ask Aaron to make them a god.  Aaron gives in and takes their gold and makes a golden calf and says this is your god.  The Lord burns in anger against the Israelites and Moses intercedes on their behalf.  The Lord is merciful and does not wipe them out.  Moses and Joshua return to the people and Moses has the Levites wipe out many of the men.  The Lord then tells Moses to lead the people where HE told him.  When people are not patient for the Lord to come through on His promises they show that they do not trust him.  That was the case with the Israelites in not waiting for Moses to return.  The Lord had promised to make them a great nation, but they wanted it in their time and in their way.  Lord, may I trust You and Your word no matter the timing and no matter the way in which You fulfill Your promises. 

– Bryan McKenzie

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