In Genesis Chapter 39 we see Joseph in Egypt sold to Potiphar.  He is a faithful servant to Potiphar and is put in charge of everything.  Potiphar’s wife comes to Joseph many times asking him to “lie with me”.  We can see Joseph’s faithfulness to the Lord.  He continues to say no and no until Potiphar’s wife fianlly accuses him of the exact thing that she had been doing and tells her husband.  Potiphar puts Joseph in prison.  Joseph yet again is faithful and the Lord blesses him and puts him in a place to be in charge of parts of the prison.

We see the faithfulness of Joseph despite his circumstances.  His submission to God’s authority is not dependent on the current outcome.  It is only determined by his understanding of who God is.  He is not moved by threats or by bad situations.  I pray that the Lord would use this example to lead us to a point of repentance toward God.  A place where we are not victims of apathy or of our situations but that we resume a posture of repentance and faith no matter what situation arises.

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