Abide Together: Reflections on Genesis 33

It happened again tonight – another fight. It seems like it happens every time we get together with my in-laws. Everything seems fine and then at the end of the evening we have the same fight. Over and over again. We just can’t seem to get passed this one. We eat together happily and have great conversations and then the waiter or waitress brings the bill and we fight over who is paying. Not who is “forced” to pay, but who “gets” to pay. Miranda and I tried to pay tonight ‘cause after all, we were the ones who invited them to dinner. However, my father-in-law had secretly arranged early in the evening with the waitress to pay for ours in addition to his own.
Ha Ha! I had you guys going – didn’t I? You thought it was a horrible family fight, but in reality it’s sort of a good fight. (Is that really possible?) I’m blessed to have incredible in-laws and we love them dearly. It would be our pleasure to pay for their meal, but they feel the same way about us and so we always have this little “fight.”
As I read through Genesis 33, I was struck by the same sort of “fight” going on between Jacob and Esau. Jacob offers his brother a gift and then Esau refuses saying, “I have enough my brother, keep what you have for yourself.” Jacob responds saying, “No, please, …..accept my present.”
You see, as I pondered this series of events, I was reminded that the nature of love – the nature of brotherhood – is sacrifice. We don’t sacrifice ‘cause we “have” to, but the love of Christ within us compels us to sacrifice. We “get” to sacrifice. It’s a natural overflow of the incredible love that He has given to us. His sacrifice overflows out of us and into others.
Prayer: Lord, let me have these kinds of fights more often. Help me to live sacrificially. Guide me in my interactions with everyone – from my family to the people I pass in the grocery store. Guide me to love as you first loved us. Show me more ways to sacrifice and express the love You’ve given me. AMEN. 
Steve Corn
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