Genesis 27 Isaac is getting old and losing his ability to see.  One of his last requests is for Esau, his oldest son, to prepare him a special dinner so that he might pass on his blessing to him.  Rebekah heard of this request and told Jacob to get the food for her to prepare and then had him dress live Esau to deceive Isaac.  Jacob did as his mother told him and deceived his father, Isaac, and stole Esau’s blessing of the firstborn.  He had already taken his birth right.  Esau came in later with the food his father had requested and Isaac then realized that he had been deceive by Jacob, but was unable to reverse the giving of the blessing. Esau is angry with Jacob and wants to kill him after Isaac dies.  Jacob then flees for his life.  This whole account reminds me that God’s unchanging plan will endure in spite of disobedience, faithlessness and deception.  God is not intimidated by the sin of people and sin cannot and will not prevent God’s plan of redemption from being accomplished.  LORD, thank You that nothing can or will stop You from redeeming those from every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

– Bryan McKenzie

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