In Genesis 9 the LORD makes a covenant with Noah and all humanity after him not to destroy the entire earth again my means of a flood.  He also gives the sign of the rainbow to remind mankind of His covenant to them.  There is also recorded the sin of Canaan, which is a continual reminder that mankind needs a savior.  The fact the the bow is pointed away from the earth, is a reminder that God turned his wrath away from the earth – in that the Lord will not destroy mankind with water again.  The thing that stands out to me in this passage, is that even after the flood and the destruction of all mankind (accept Noah and his family) – sin still exists.  It takes more than a flood and the physical destruction of people to take care of the problem of sin.  Only Jesus’ life, death, burial and resurrection can take a way the penalty, power and presence of sin.  Lord, remind me that Jesus alone is the answer to the problem of sin in this world.

– Bryan McKenzie

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