In James 3, the Lord through James warns of the dangers of not controlling the tongue and contrast Godly wisdom with worldly wisdom.  James rightly says that “no one can tame the tongue.”  Only God the Holy Spirit living in someone can tame the tongue so it can be used to glorify God and edify others.  Lord, by Your grace in me, use my tongue to glorify You and edify others.

In James 4, the Lord through James shows that the source of their conflicts is their desires that take the place of what should be their greatest desire – glorifying God.  The good news is that the Lord gives greater grace to overcome sinful desires to those who humbling ask Him.  Lord, please give me grace to overcome the sinful desires that rise up in my life.

In James 5, the Lord through James warns the rich of their abuse of the poor, exhorts the persecuted believers to be patient and exhorts them with instruction on prayer.  Lord, help me be patient and endure in the face of trials and persecution – trusting in your compassion and mercy.

– Bryan McKenzie

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