Here in chapter 11 of Hebrews we see a discussion on faith and what it has looked like.  We see to start what faith is.  Then we get to see many many examples of faith that believers can look back too.  Abraham, Moses, David, the judges, they are all great examples of faith.  Not only do we get the opportunity to see their faith displayed but also God’s power at work because they continued in their faith.  We are reminded of God’s great power in so many situations.  We are also reminded of our ultimate reward which we will receive because of our faith.  I pray that we do not belittle or underestimate God’s power.  I pray that our faith is strengthened as we we look back to who God used and the feats that they accomplished through the power of God.  I pray that we are aware of his power today and his ability to change peoples hearts. The most amazing thing he has done is taken my heart and made it new, made it clean, sending his son so that I may be seen as righteous in his eyes.



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