In Hebrews 4, God through the writer encourages the believers to enter God’s Sabbath rest that remains for them, by resting from their works just as God rested from His work on the 7th day of creation.  A follower of Christ is able to rest from their work, because Jesus did all that was required so that men and women could be justified before God.  The author also reminds the believers that God uses His Word to bring about conviction in His people in the deepest recesses of their hearts.  Lord, may I rest alone in the finished work of Christ and allow Him to work in me and through me.

In Hebrews 5, God reminds the believers that Jesus is their perfect High Priest and He is the source of salvation for all who obey the Gospel to repent and believe.  There is also a concern expressed in that the believers in this church should have been more mature by this time, but instead they were immature and were unable to discern good and evil.  Lord, by Your grace help me take in your solid food and then by practice train my senses to discern good and evil.

In Hebrews 6, God through the author warns of the consequences of compromise.  Either it shows someone was never truly a believer or a believer misses out on many of the blessings of God.  Lord, by Your grace keep me from compromise, so that You will be glorified in and through me. 

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