In 1 Timothy 1 Paul writes to Timothy, who is serving a Pastor in Ephesus, to help the believers to resist false teaching that is creeping in.  Paul warns him of those who use the Law as a means of justification, instead of using it to show people their sin and need for a Savior.  Paul also reminds Timothy of how the Lord saved him and how God’s grace in his life is an example for those who would believe in the Lord for eternal life.  Lord, may Your amazing grace in saving me be used as an example for others to believe.

In 1 Timothy 2 Paul instructs Timothy on prayer for all types of people, even leaders who oppress Christians (Nero at this time), because God desires that people from all walks of life come to the knowledge of the truth.  Paul also gives Timothy some instruction concerning women and their role in the life of the Church based on a creation principle.  Lord, may I be faithful to pray for those in authority and may You be pleased to bring many of them to the knowledge of the truth.

In 1 Timothy 3 Paul gives Timothy qualifications for those who lead and serve in the local Church (elders & deacons).  Paul also refers to the church of the living God as the pillar and support of truth.  The Church is called to teach the truth that God has given in His Word.  Lord, help me be faithful to Your call on my life to faithfully teach Your Word, so that the Church will fulfill its role of being the pillar and support of truth.

– Bryan McKenzie

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