In Galatians 2 Paul recounts his early days as a follower of Christ and his introduction to the apostles and their affirmation of his ministry.  He also records his loving rebuke of Peter for his decision not to continue to eat with the Gentiles for fear of the circumcision (Jews).  When a brother in Christ is in sin and making unwise decisions, rebuking them to help them see their sin is a loving thing to do.  Lord, help me lovingly reprove those in sin and humbly receive reproof when I am in sin.

In Galatians 3 Paul firmly reminds the believers of the Churches in Galatia that they were made righteous/justified by faith in Christ, not faith plus works or the keeping of the law.  He reminds them that the purpose of the law was not to make them righteous, but to show them their sin and need for the Savior, Jesus.  This truth is foundational and must continuously be presented in a world that promotes justification by self-effort.  Justification by faith is the heart of the Gospel.  Lord, may I by Your grace constantly present the truth that we are justified (made right with you, given your righteousness) through faith alone in Christ alone.

– Bryan McKenzie

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