In 1 Corinthians 11 Paul gives some instruction concerning men and women, their relationship with God and with each other.  He also gives some instruction concerning public worship and how people in the church of Corinth are relating to each other.  There are divisions in the church and some of these divisions have to do with the difference in material wealth.  Some of the wealthier members of the church were not waiting on the poorer members to arrive to share the food and some were even getting drunk before the Lord’s Supper.  The people of Corinth were not thinking of others in the body of Christ first.  Therefore, when they were partaking of the Lord’s Supper they were in sin and were eating and drinking judgment to themselves.  Paul even says that some people who have done this “sleep” or the Lord has taken their physical life in an act of discipline.  Divisions should never happen in the local church.  When everyone is putting others’ needs before their own, this will not happen.  Lord, help me be an example of putting others before myself so that there would be no division in the Church and You would be glorified.

– Bryan McKenzie

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