In 1 Corinthians 8-9 Paul teaches on the subject of Christian Liberty/Freedom (rights).  He uses the example of food sacrificed to idols in chapter 8.  He and others know that food sacrificed to idols is not contaminated, but other brothers and sisters in Christ think it is and believe it would be sin to partake.  Paul says love your brother/sister more than your appetite and your freedom in Christ, therefore do not partake of the food sacrificed to idols.  This is putting others before yourself. In Chapter 9 Paul uses an example from his own life of not exercising his Christian Liberty/Freedom for the sake of the gospel.  He has a scriptural right to be compensated by other Christians in order that he might preach the Gospel and do the ministry to which God has called him.  However, he chooses not to exercise that “right” so that it will not hinder the Gospel.  He did not want anyone to accuse him of being in the Gospel ministry for financial gain.  O Lord, rescue the Church from selfishness and help us put the proclamation of the Gospel and the building up of the Body of Christ before our own Freedom or rights.

– Bryan McKenzie

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