In Romans 12-13 Paul begins to give very practical and direct imperatives based on what Christ has done for us and in us.  As followers of Christ present their lives to God in worship and have their mind renewed through His Word, they will do the will of God.  Paul calls them to use the spiritual gifts for each other, to love one another, to be devoted to one another, to be a peace with one another, etc… He also calls them to submit to the authorities God has placed in the world for their good.  He ends chapter 13 with these words, “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lust.”  Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is a daily choice followers of Jesus make.  Seeking HIM daily through the reading, studying, meditating and praying through HIS Word are all essential in this process.  When I do this, there is no room for the flesh to creep in my thoughts, attitudes and actions. Lord, may I daily put on the Lord Jesus Christ so that I will bring You glory in all things.

– Bryan McKenzie

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