In Acts 12 Luke records the execution of James, the brother of John, and the arrest of Peter by Herod. When Peter was arrested the church began to pray.  The Lord sent an angel to deliver Peter from prison.  Peter showed up at John Mark’s mother’s house where many of the church were praying.  When Peter knocked at the gate, a slave girl named Rhoda came to answer the door.  However, when she recognized Peter’s voice she ran and told the others Peter was there.  They did not believe her, but Peter kept knocking. When they opened the gate they found Peter.  When morning came the 16 (four squads) soldiers were put to death for allowing Peter to escape from prison. Then the Lord took Herod’s life for allowing people to worship him, instead of giving glory to God.  The thing that stands out to me in this passage is the fact that the church was praying for Peter’s release, but when the Lord delivered Peter from prison they did not believe it.  They were not praying with the expectation that the Lord would answer their prayer. The Lord desires that we take Him seriously in prayer.  Somehow, in the mystery of His plan, HE uses the prayers of HIS people to accomplish HIS will.  Lord, grow my faith to such a degree that I always pray with the expectation that You will move according to Your will.

– Bryan McKenzie

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