In chapters 12 and 13, Jesus has just told the disciples that he will soon go to the cross. He has also foretold Peter’s denial. The disciples are a little confused and fearful. What is to become of Christ and his teaching? Is he not going to restore the kingdom to Israel? 

In chapter 14, Jesus gives them hope and assurance. Knowing his disciples are about to enter into persecution and trials, Jesus points out two things which should bring them, and us, great comfort. 

First, he gives them the hope of heaven. One of the most important doctrines for believers in Jesus to understand is that of heaven. Christ tells his disciples and us that he is going to prepare a place for us and that he will come back for us. When we are faced with trials, persecution, and suffering, Jesus intends for our knowledge of our future home to bring endurance, patience, and comfort. However, knowing that we would not be able to endure alone, he points to the second truth: he is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. 

Though he is leaving his disciples, Jesus lets them know that he is not leaving them. In John 14, Jesus teaches his followers about the Trinity. He explains the importance of knowing that he, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are one. Why is this important? Jesus is telling them, though he is leaving them, he is not leaving them alone. No longer will they have God beside them, they will have God in them through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 

The encouragement of Christ to his disciples is still in effect for us today. When faced with trials, suffering, and persecution, we can know that this is not the end. Christ will return and make all things new and until he does, we have the Holy Spirit living in us for our hope, comfort, and strength.

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