In John 7, Jesus’ brothers mockingly encourage Him to go up to Jerusalem to make himself known through His works, Jesus refuses because His time had not yet come.  Jesus then goes up later in private and then in the middle of the feast of Booth Jesus begins teaching in the Temple and the Jews question His authority.  Some people begin to question whether of not Jesus is the Christ and others want Him arrested.  Jesus during the water ceremony of the Feast of Booths promises the Holy Spirit will indwell those who believe.  Jesus’ teaching causes division as some think He is he the Christ and other want Him killed.  The thing that stuck out the most this morning was Jesus confronting the Jews about their complaining of Him healing on the Sabbath.  Jesus says if the Law requires a male to be circumcised on the 8th day and the circumcision happens on the Sabbath – no one has a problem.  However, if Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath they have a problem with that.  Jesus says that they do not judge with right judgment.  Followers of Christ need to be those who judge with right judgment by getting all the correct information before making a judgment.  When we make judgments without getting correct facts, we are being prejudice (pre-judge).  Prejudice is a great time saver, it allows us to come to a conclusion without having of the facts.  Lord, help me be diligent in getting all the facts before making a judgement – so that You will be glorified.  

– Bryan McKenzie

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