In Luke 22, Judas works with the Jewish leaders to set up the betrayal of Jesus, Jesus sent Peter and John ahead to set up the Passover, Jesus has the last Passover and first Lord’s Supper with the 12, the disciples argue over who is the greatest, Jesus predicts Peter’s denial, Jesus tells the disciples to get ready for persecution, Jesus prays to the Father and sweats like drops of blood, Jesus is betrayed by Judas, Jesus heals the slave of the high priest, Jesus is arrested, Peter denies Jesus 3 times, and Jesus says HE is the Son of God.  I am humbled by Jesus’ amazing grace and compassion shown to those who hate him and are seeking to kill him.  When Peter cut off the ear of the high priest’s slave, Jesus healed his ear.  Most people would let him suffer, since he was an enemy.  Yet, Jesus in the midst of his being betrayed and arrested shows the slave amazing grace in healing him. Jesus also shows proves again that HE is indeed God and has power over everything.  Who knows what impact this had on this slave’s life, but when Jesus’ followers display grace to those who hate them – it brings God glory. As Jesus said earlier in HIS ministry, “Love you enemies and pray for those who hate you.” Lord, help me display grace to all people, even those who do not like me or those who speak against you.  May this be used to bring You glory.

– Bryan McKenzie

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