In Luke 17, Jesus warns about being stumbling blocks, teaches on forgiveness, He teaches on serving, He heals 10 lepers, and He teaches on His second coming.  The thing that stands out to me the most this morning is Jesus’ healing of the 10 lepers. Jesus healed 10, but only one came back to thank Him. The one who came back was a Samaritan and Luke records  – “when he saw that he had been healed, turned back, glorifying and praising God with a loud voice, and he fell on his face at His feet giving thanks.”  The other 9 who were healed were Jewish and their lack of gratitude was representative of the Jewish nations rejection of Jesus ministry.  They liked that he could do miracles, but they rejected Him as Messiah.  The Samaritan’s response was one of worship (fell on his face), because he recognized that Jesus was God and He deserved a thankful heart.  Lord, remind me that You alone deserve my worship and give me a thankful heart.  Thank You for all you have done in and for me. Thank you also for all You will do in and for me.

– Bryan McKenzie

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