In Luke 15, Jesus gives three examples of that which was lost and now is found – a sheep, a coin and a son.  The chapter begins with Pharisees and scribes grumbling over the fact that Jesus is ministering to sinners.  Jesus gives three examples in response to their objections of His ministry to people who are lost.  The thing in these three examples that stands out to me is the reaction when the lost is found.  When the lost sheep is found, there is rejoicing.  When the lost coin is found, there is rejoicing.  When the lost son is found, there is rejoicing.  Jesus says that this is what it is like (and even more so) in heaven when a sinner repents.  God and all those with Him rejoice over the new birth of one who has been lost.  This rejoicing should be the same response of God’s people here on earth when someone turns from trusting in themselves for salvation and turns to trusting Jesus for salvation from sin.  Lord, help me be one who rejoices and leads others to rejoice over those who repent and trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

– Bryan McKenzie

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