In Luke 11, Jesus teaches his disciples to pray and encourages them in prayer, Jesus is accused of being from Satan, speaks of the blessing of hearing God’s Word and doing it, Jesus teaches that He will give them the sign of Jonah, warns the Pharisees of their emphasis on the outside and warns the experts in the law that they have hindered people from entering into the kingdom.  The point that stands out to me this morning is Jesus’ teaching on persistence in prayer through the teaching of the friend who goes to a friend at midnight asking for three loaves.  He keeps asking until his friend gets up and gets the loaves.  Jesus then encourages the disciples to keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking and their needs will be met.  Of course this is not a promise that that those who are persistent in prayer will receive things that are not according to God’s will.  Persistence in prayer shows a great faith in God, because it shows that a person realizes that only God can truly meet that need.  Lord, remind me over and over again to be persistent in prayer – knowing that only You can truly and fully meet my need for Your glory.

– Bryan McKenzie

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