In Mark 5 Jesus continues to show His power over everything as he heals the Gerasene Demoniac, the woman with the hemorrhage and raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead. The before and after condition of the Gerasene Demoniac is dramatic.  Before Jesus cast the demons out of him, he was out of control.  After Jesus had cast the demons out of him he was said to have been “sitting down, clothed and in his right mind.”  His transformation was total and the people could see it, so much so that they were afraid.  When Jesus gets hold of someone’s life, there will be such a transformation that others will notice.  Also, the former demoniac began telling others “what great things Jesus and done for him.”  This is the natural response of all who have been transformed by Jesus.  Lord, by Your grace may I be about intentionally telling others of the great things you have done for me in transferring me from the kingdom of darkness into Your kingdom.

– Bryan McKenzie

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  1. Gail Korfhage
    Gail Korfhage says:

    Why does Christ tell “Legion” to go and tell his friends, but he tells the little girl’s parents to tell no one?

    And in several other chapters, Christ says to tell no one. Why not?

  2. Bryan McKenzie
    Bryan McKenzie says:

    Great question and observation, Gail. First, “Legion” was the name of the demon, not the man. We do not know his name. In verse 18, he is simply called “the man who had been demon-possessed.” This man was a Gentile (Gerasene) and his telling of all Jesus had done would have been contained within the Gentile area (Decapolis) where Jesus would not have been welcomed as a Jew. This was a great opportunity for the news of Jesus to spread throughout the Gentiles. Jesus told those around the little Jewish girl to tell no one, because knowledge of this miracle might give His Jewish enemies in Galilee further reason to seek Him out to kill Him before the appointed time of the cross. He was on the Father’s timetable, not man’s. Another possible, yet secondary reason, was that He did not want people to follow Him for the wrong reasons.
    Isn’t fun to read, observe, understand and apply God’s Word?


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