Mathew 25 begins with Jesus presenting the Parable of the Ten Virgins to emphasize the importance of being ready for His return.  Jesus says 5 were ready and 5 were not.  The 5 who were ready represent those who have rejected their own good works and have trusted Jesus to save them and make them right with the Father. The 5 who were not ready represent those who have rejected Jesus as Savior and Lord.  It is imperative that those who have not placed their faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord to do so now, in order to prepare for His imminent coming.  Jesus then uses the Parable of the Talents to teach the importance of being good stewards and He also points out imposters in the visible church.  Two of the servants were found to be good stewards and given more responsibility and privilege in the Kingdom.  The third slave proved to be an imposter who even attacked the character of the Master/God.  Jesus then teaches on the Judgment where He will separate those who truly know Him from those who do not.  Those who have placed their faith alone on Jesus for salvation, which was evident from the fruit in their lives, will be brought into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Those who have rejected Jesus as Savior, which was evident from the lack of fruit in their lives, will go away into eternal punishment.  Lord, may I continually be stressing the imminence of Jesus return and calling people to repentance and faith in Him for salvation from the penalty of sin.  Help me be a good steward with all You have given me for Your glory.  Thank You for producing fruit in and through me, so that my life might make much of You.

– Bryan McKenzie

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