In Matthew 19 Jesus emphasizes the high value of marriage in the site of God to some Pharisees who did not value marriage.  O may the Church value and protect marriage as the Lord calls us to. Jesus again show the high value of children and uses them to show the humility and faith it takes to enter into the Kingdom of God.  Jesus then has a rich young man approach him inquiring about what good thing he need to do to obtain eternal life. Jesus knowing his heart, told him he needed to keep the commandments.  The young man assured Jesus he had kept the commandments.  Jesus knew this was not true, so he went after the thing that was most important to him to show high sin.  Jesus told him to sell all his possessions and give it to the poor and then follow Him.  The young man went away grieved, because his possessions were more important than following Jesus.  Jesus made it clear that in order to obtain eternal life or enter into the Kingdom of God, you must trust in Him alone.  This man trusted in his possessions, and was not willing to transfer his trust to Jesus.  Jesus then told the disciples that in order for a rich man or someone who clings to the things of this world (including other people) to enter the Kingdom of God, it takes an act of God to change their heart.  Jesus then told the disciples that those who do trust in Him alone for eternal life will be rewarded.  Lord, may I be faithful to present the Gospel in a way that shows people that entrance into the Kingdom of God comes only to those who Trust in Jesus alone for salvation. Jesus + nothing = everything.

– Bryan McKenzie

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