Abide Together: Reflections on Matthew 14

Matthew 14 records Herod’s cowardice act of beheading John the Baptist.  This is followed by the feeding of the 5,000 (plus women and children) with only five loaves and two fish.  Matthew then records that Jesus “made” the disciples get into a boat and go ahead of him to the other side.  He, on that other hand, went up on a mountain to pray. When Jesus made the disciples get into the boat, he knew there was a storm coming.  He placed them in a storm and then came to them walking on the water.  Sometimes Jesus places His people in a difficult place to teach them something and mature them. We know from the other Gospel accounts that the boat could make only slow progress in the storm, yet Jesus easily caught up to the boat as he walked on the water.  Peter then successfully walked on the water to Jesus, until he took his eyes on Jesus and put them on his surroundings.  Peter cried out to Jesus for help and Jesus saved him.  When Jesus go into the boat the storm stopped and the disciples responded by worshipping Him.  The feeding of the 5,000, the walking on the water and the calming of the storm all showed that Jesus has power over things created, therefore the disciples could trust Him completely.  Lord, thank for placing me in storms to grow me and then coming to me in the storms to rescue me.  Help me to worship You and trust You more no matter the circumstances.

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