In Matthew 12 Jesus is challenged by the Pharisees concerning working on the Sabbath.  He shows them that God wants them to be more concerned for the needs of people than externally keeping the Sabbath.  Jesus says that He is the Lord of the Sabbath and proves it by healing a man on the Sabbath.  Once again the Pharisees show that their heart is wrong by desiring to destroy Jesus, instead of rejoicing over the restoration of the healed man.  Jesus reminds them that He also came for the Gentiles.  Jesus heals again and they accuse Him again of being from Satan.  He rebukes them and warns them not to reject the Holy Spirit who is clearly showing them that He is the promised Messiah.  By rejecting the Holy Spirit and Jesus as Messiah, they are rejecting the only means by which their sin can be forgiven and therefore be made right with God.  He then shows them how important words are, for they reveal the heart.  What we say matters, because it flows from our hearts.  Our words are an indicator of the condition of our hearts.  Ironically the scribes and Pharisees call for a sign from Jesus.  He has given them multiple signs that He is the Messiah and yet they still reject Him.  The Lord has given the world innumerable signs that point to Jesus as Messiah and Savior from sin, yet most of the world still rejects him.  Jesus once again points to the fact that He must be the priority in our lives and this will be made evident if we do His will.  Lord, by Your grace may I make mercy and compassion an emphasis in my life, instead of external religious activity.  May I also continually point people to the truth of Jesus as the Savor of the world and trust you to change their hearts. By Your grace may my words be edifying and truthful and may I do Your will so that You alone are made much of in this world.


– Bryan McKenzie

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